The Prajna Pravah will organise the second edition of Lokmanthan, a biennial brainstorming for nationalist thinkers and practitioners, in Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand. With a view of reviving Indianness and Indian value system and discussing "the idea of Bharat", the three-day national convention will be held at Hotwar's mega sports complex from September 28, said Shri J Nandakumar, the national convener of Prajna Pravah. He was addressing the media in the inauguration programme of the Lokmanthan 2018 office of Prajna Pravah in Ranchi on May 8.

Jharkhand Chief Minister Shri Raghubar Das and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Sah Sarkaryavah Shri Dattatreya Hosabale inaugurated the office of the event at Nivaranpur in Doranda. "To make India world guru again, it is necessary to promote our thousands of years’ old culture, civilisation and language, said Chief Minister Raghubar Das in the programme. “India is created by sages, literature and art lovers. We have to bring our civilisation and culture to the masses. The State Government and its people will cooperate in Lokmanthan programme to be held in September. The Jharkhand Government is working in this direction,” he added.

"A reception committee with chief minister Raghubar Das as patron and an organising committee chaired by state art and culture minister Amar Kumar Bauri have already been formed for the purpose," Nandakumar told the media. Rich Indian values and culture that suffered severe jolts following repeated foreign invasions over centuries and were nearly crushed during the British rule needed to be revived. The ideal time for their revival was immediately after Independence, he added.

Speaking on the objectives of the mega event, Shri Nandakumar said that they were not against scientific discoveries or innovative ideas but advocated academic vigour directed towards "decolonising the Indian mindset from Eurocentric impact".

Speaking to Organiser, Shri Nandakumar said, “Lokmanthan 2018 is intended to provide an ideological platform for multi-layered discussions on topics from arts to environment. We will have representatives from all strata of the society."

Prajna Pravah is a rational umbrella that stimulates, trains and synthesises individuals to recognise the inherent strength of Bharat. The first edition of Lok Manthan was organised by Prajna Pravah in Bhopal in November 2016. The proceedings of the Bhopal Lokmanthan were released in volumes in 2017. "While we discussed Desh-Kaal-Sthiti (the country's contemporary situation) in the Bhopal meet, in Ranchi we will mull Bharatbodh: Jan-Gan-Man (the idea of Bharat: nation-society-mind)," he said.