"The stone pelters in Jammu and Kashmir should be given the same punishment as Saudi Arabia gives to such criminals," said former Solicitor General of India, Advocate Mohan Parasaran. He was speaking at a meeting to condole the demise of R Thirumani, who was stoned to death by terrorists in Srinagar. The meeting was organised by the Students and Youth for Thiruvalluvar at India International Centre, New Delhi on May 10.

Speaking on the occasion, Adv Mohan Parasaran also criticised the mainstream media that downplayed the brutal terrorist attack on the Tamil youth and said, "Media have not taken these assaults on fundamental human rights and human life seriously." He stressed on the need for people to to put pressure on the Government to take stringent measures against such acts of terror. The administration must ensure that such incidents are not repeated in the future. "Every citizen should be able to exercise his or her fundamental right to travel freely across the country," he added.

Terming it as a brutal act of terrorism, the president of the Students and Youth for Thiruvalluvar and former editor of Panchjanya Shri Tarun Vijay said that the brutal attack on Thirumani was an attack on India's sovereignty, democracy and constitution. "His death is a blow to Indian democracy. This is the time when we must stand up for constitutional values and Thirukural's message of non-violence," he said. He also demanded that the culprits should be brought to the book and punished.

Paying homage to Thirumani, senior RSS functionary and Prajna Pravah national convenor, Shri J Nandakumar said that the government should not let any of the killers of Thirumani roam scot-free. The anti-national activities across the country, over and above the growing terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir, pose a greater threat to the integrity and sovereignty of the nation. He urged nationalists and citizens of Bharat to stand with the armed forces at this critical juncture. He also pointed out that Delhi has not witnessed any candlelight march following this tragic incident.

Later in a tweet, Shri J Nandakumar lashed out at the media for the biased reporting of the tragic murder of Thirumani. "Media eulogised slain terrorist Mohd Rafi Bhat, pages were flooded with the stories hailing him as a pious college professor. The same media was tightlipped when the innocent Indian youth Thirumani from Tamil Nadu was brutally stoned to death as if he died in an accident," he said.

Ravinder Pandita, representing Kashmiri Pandits in Delhi, urged the government to enact a law which treats stone pelters as the equivalent of terrorists. Noted academician Dr Kasthuri Kanthan and Geeta Athreya, UNICEF also spoke. Several other luminaries, academicians, intellectuals and members of Delhi Tamil Students Union and Tamil Sangam also attended the meeting. Shri Tarun Vijay said that a candlelight vigil in solidarity with Thirumani would be organised in Delhi. He informed the media that the date and venue would be announced later.